hair loss myths

Hair loss can be difficult to deal with, and too often the blame is placed on reasons that aren’t the true culprit. Chances are you’ve done nothing wrong to cause your hair loss. Before you start blaming yourself or other things for your hair loss, let’s discuss five debunked hair loss myths. 

1. Wearing hats too often causes hair loss. 

People believe that the scalp needs to breathe, and by wearing hats, you’re stifling that, but this is not the case. Your hair follicles receive any oxygen they need from your bloodstream, not the surrounding air. Therefore, wearing a hat will not speed up or cause hair loss.

2. Stress causes hair loss.

Everyday stress does not cause hair loss. For example, just because you get worked up over a test or have a stressful day at work does not mean your hair will start falling out. Stress-related hair loss is only related to long-term stress, such as with an illness or grieving. 

3. Bald men have more testosterone.

Although hormones play a role in hair loss conditions, studies have shown that bald men have the same testosterone levels as men with hair. However, it has been studied that too much of a hormone called DHT is responsible for your follicles not producing hair. 

4. Shampooing your hair too much is to blame.

How often you wash your hair does not have any relation to hair loss. You may notice hair coming out in the shower, but this is hair that would’ve fallen out anyway. 

5. Getting a haircut will make your hair grow thicker and faster. 

Haircuts have nothing to do with how thick or fast your hair grows. The rate at which your hair renews at is not dependent on the style you cut it to. Choose what you like!

So in closing, forget about all of those hair loss myths! If you’re struggling with hair loss, contact Parker Trichology today. We can help you find a treatment that works for you and the hair loss conditions you’re dealing with.