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An Approach to Wellness

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Wellness has an emphasis on preventing illness and prolonging life. One can improve their quality of life by simply educating themselves and doing what you learn. The majority of sub-health conditions are cumulative effects. The underlying cause of disease are caused by poor stress management over periods of time, faulty nutritional patterns, unhealthy habits, and environmental factors that cause biological imbalances. This leads to a weakening of the body’s defenses and subsequent breakdown in health.

Disease is a manifestation of our body trying to correct imbalances. The body alerts us to when a problem arises, during this time we can either respond, ignore the message, or try to suppress the symptoms. By ignoring the problem, the symptoms will persist eventually causing the body to break down structurally. In order to live a happier and healthy life, we must identify the destructive lifestyles and correct them.

On Your Mind and In Your Mind

Healing always starts in the mind. See yourself well again! Only YOU have control over how you will deal with your current situation. In most cases, people will want a quick fix, thinking that topical applications, steroid injections, or vitamins/supplements will solve the problem of issues that they have been dealing with for years. There is no quick solution! Once a diagnosis has been rendered, you must change your attitude about your life and body. The client will have to take full responsibility for getting well. During the consultation, we will discuss changes in lifestyle, nutrition, and the use of supplements.


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