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In the heat of summer, it’s challenging to find treatments that keep your hair and scalp healthy and happy. In fact, you may end up damaging your hair further with experimental treatments and products. At Parker Trichology Centre, we know the importance of effective hair care in keeping up appearances during harsh weather. Here are some tips on summer hair care treatments to maintain luscious locks in the sweltering Texas heat.

Hydrate Constantly.  One of the most common hair concerns in the summer involves a lack of moisture. Heat tends to dry out hair and cause increased frizziness and damage. Drinking plenty of water, about 6-8 glasses per day, will hydrate your hair, giving it a natural shine and reducing breakage.

Protect From the Sun.  It may be tempting to show off your beautiful locks during a trip to the beach, but extended sun exposure can leave your hair dry and damaged. Try covering your hair with a scarf or hat to protect it from harsh UV rays.

Wash less often.  A critical part of hair and scalp health relies on the oils your body produces naturally. Washing your hair every day can strip off oils that are essential to maintaining shine and health. Try washing every other day with a rinse in between to preserve your hair’s natural chemistry.

Reduce Chemicals.  Many shampoos can strip essential nutrients from your hair and scalp. Try an organic shampoo that’s free of harsh chemicals to protect your hair and keep up that glossy appearance.

Condition Often.  A good conditioner will strengthen your hair and improve its overall texture. Try a nutrient-rich conditioner after your regular shampooing routine to improve the health of your hair and lock in moisture. Many conditioners also leave behind a layer of product on the hair that acts as a protective barrier from the sun.

Limit Styling Tools.  UV rays and heat from the sun damage your hair, but artificial heat from styling tools is just as devastating. Hair dryers, straighteners, hair relaxers, curling wands, etc. produce a mass of split ends and can leave your hair dry, frizzy and unmanageable. Try going natural as often as possible during the hottest months of the year—your hair will thank you for the break from heat tools.

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