There is nothing better than witnessing a strong Afro-Latina woman comfortably and confidently embracing her coily/curly hair. Nonetheless, treating and styling curly hair is often easier said than done. Despite the challenges it may present, there is great power in happily embracing your natural hairstyle. Keeping your hair healthy and moisturized is often the secret to joyfully embracing a natural look.

The following hair care tips will surely come in handy, no matter your styling preference, whether it be naturally curly or straight.

First, choose the right cut for you. Finding a stylist who specializes in curly hair is especially important to avoid frizz or an out of control shape. Layers are the key to bouncy controlled curls.

Avoid using shampoo. The majority of shampoos contain damaging sulfates, silicones, and waxes that strip your hair of the natural oil it needs to maintain a healthy balance. Replacing shampoo with a cleansing conditioner will help to reduce frizz and breakage.

Use heat protection tools. Applying a heat protectant serum before blow-drying or styling works to reduce damage and breakage.

Use a hair mask. A 10-15 minute hair mask or deep conditioner treatment once every week or two goes a long way in restoring the natural oils your hair desperately needs.

Invest in a wide-tooth comb. Brushing your wet hair with a normal brush can cause serious damage. Using a wide-tooth comb is the most effective method to avoid tangles and unnecessary breakage.

Explore leave-in products. Leave-in conditioners work to add natural texture to your hair, keeping it bouncy and moisturized. Apply either before or after styling, depending on the effect you want it to have.

Use small clips to enhance curls. Placing small clips at the root of your hair can work to increase the volume of curls after you’ve applied product.

Protect your hair at night. Regular cotton pillowcases will cause frizz and hair damage. Investing in a silk pillowcase or sleeping with a hair bonnet are both suitable alternatives to combat this issue.

Lastly, be cautious in applying colors and dyes. The chemicals in hair dyes and coloring treatments can cause serious breakage and significantly thin your hair. This includes avoiding hard chemicals like bleach.

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