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If you are looking for hair loss treatment Carrollton TX, you are not alone. Female pattern hair loss affects about 30 million American women every year. Although hair loss (otherwise known as androgenetic alopecia) can strike as early as a woman’s 20s, it is most commonly diagnosed during menopause. Tell-tale signs include losing more than the average  150 hairs per day (you’ll start to see clumps in the shower drain), a widening part, as well as hairs that grow in much finer than what you’re used to. As you work with your doctor to find the right hair restoration Carrollton TX for you, here are 5 ways to minimize the impact of thinning hair on your daily life. 

Hair Loss Treatment Carrollton TX: Minimize Thinning Hair

Change Your Part
Switching up the direction of your hair’s part can help significantly with your thinning hair. The hair tends to lie flatter against the scalp where it is brushed the most often. Flipping the hair to part in opposite direction from your normal part will add more body and volume instantly.

Go Easy On the Heat
Using less heat when you dry and style your hair is key to keeping hair shafts intact and free of damage. If you do need to use heat tools to achieve your look, make sure you choose brands with settings that are adjustable and as much as possible keep them at their lowest settings. While this doesn’t affect growth, it will lessen breakage.

Brush Carefully
If you use a round metal brush, take care, as these can heat up quite a bit. Brushes made with hard plastic or featuring metal bristles can promote breakage of already weak or damaged strands. Switch to brushes with boar bristles or bristles made of nylon that is flexible.

Get A Haircut
While this may seem counterintuitive to someone who stresses over her tresses, the right haircut can actually add volume and help distract from the thinning. Whatever cut you choose, make sure to ask your stylist for a cut that has a lot of interior layers placed throughout the cut, which will add fullness.

Be Strategic About Coloring
Everyone knows that bleaching or excessively coloring your hair can cause breakage or worse damage. However, highlights that are well placed can help hide thinning hair by making the color or your hair closer to that of your scalp. One of the benefits of hair color is that it tends to plump the follicle, making hair appear fuller.

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