Facts and Fiction about Hair Loss Treatment in Carrollton Texas

Hair Loss Carrollton TXWe’ve been told stories about what makes healthy hair, but what is true?

Should you brush your hair 100 times a day? NO – this can cause broken hair and scalp abrasions.

Can stress cause your hair to fall out? YES – though other factors may also play. Ask about your hair loss situation.

Is black hair stronger than blonde hair? NO – black hair is one of the most fragile types of hair.

Does worrying cause gray hair? YES – adrenaline may cause damage to DNA, creating gray hair.

Does hair grow faster in the summer? YES – warmer weather enhances circulation and follicle activity.

Does shaving a newborn’s head prevent baldness? NO – baldness is genetic and requires professional treatment.

If you have questions about treatments and hair loss in Carrollton, Texas, let Parker Trichology Center help!

Visit https://hairlosscentreandsalon.com/ or call (214) 307-6200.

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