The Secret of Hair Loss and Replacement Treatment Options

Hair Loss Treatment Frisco TXHair loss is not just a male problem; female pattern hair loss, or alopecia, affects up to 5 percent of women under 30 and 60 percent of women aged 70 and up. Since alopecia has a strong genetic component, there isn’t much you can do about prevention. There are, however, treatment options:

  • Hair Stimulation Treatments provided by Parker Trichology Centre. Scalp exfoliating treatments gently exfoliate the scalp using essential oils to cleanse, detox and increase blood circulation.
  • If you have hair loss due to low levels of ferritin, iron supplements may help.
  • Hair transplants are a permanent, effective and natural-looking solution, however, require surgery.
  • Red Light Therapy is a new treatment showing dramatic improvement after 4 months as well as reducing bacteria and heavy metals.

For a custom hair loss treatment plan, call Parker Trichology Centre for a consultation today at (214) 307-6200.

Hair Loss Treatment Frisco TX
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